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No words or images can adequately capture the sheer beauty of the Exumas. With their stunning sapphire-blue waters and untouched beaches, these islands have become a haven for the super-rich and famous. Across its 365 cays and islands, you'll discover ultra-exclusive resorts, pristine uninhabited tropical getaways, luxurious homes, and fully developed private islands powered by sustainable energy sources like wind and solar power

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The Exumas offer a paradise for boaters and adventure seekers. As you explore these beautiful islands and cays, you'll be captivated by the sight of luxurious mega yachts with helicopters taking off and landing on board. The Exumas are also famous for their charming swimming pigs, attracting tourists from around the globe to spend a day on Big Major Cay with these entertaining aquatic creatures.

Local residents and visitors alike enjoy various activities through out The Exumas. During your boating adventures, don't miss the opportunity to visit Thunderball Grotto, a captivating underwater cave teeming with exotic marine life. It's worth mentioning that this underwater gem served as a filming location for a James Bond movie and is conveniently located near Staniel Cay.

The Exumas boast numerous breathtaking sites that you must explore. One such wonder is "The Washing Machine" on Shroud Cay. Bring your snorkel gear and flippers, and if you're a thrill-seeker, take the plunge off a cliff into pristine aqua waters. Feel the ocean's current swirl you around in the warm tropical waters before it guides you out the other side of the creek.

Beyond the natural beauty, The Exumas offer a wide range of experiences, from exciting water sports to relaxed beach bars and even fine dining options. Your visit to the Exuma Cays is bound to be an unforgettable journey filled with unforgettable memories.

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